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Cold Brew pack (800ml x 3 pack) Ethiopia

Cold Brew pack (800ml x 3 pack) Ethiopia

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This pack contains 3 coffee packets that allow you to easily make cold brew iced coffee at home. Each packet makes 800ml.

In the hot and humid season, there is nothing quite like a refreshing cold-brewed iced coffee. The beans we use now are from Ethiopia (Aricha), and the berry-like acidity, mainly strawberry, and the rounded sweetness reminiscent of milk chocolate, as well as the floral aroma, will cool your mind and body.

How to make: 1. Place one pack in a container and add 800ml of water.
②Soak the pack thoroughly in water and place in the refrigerator.
③Remove the pack after approximately 16 to 20 hours and it's done.

Please enjoy it to your heart's content.

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